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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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grips the us with lines stretch aig round street corners. the biggest jackpot ever is at stake in just moments we'll have you the winning numbers. >> the philadelphia region suffers through another night of very cold temperatures and this arctic blast is not over. fine out how cold it will get and when warmer weather will reach the area. also, our vittoria woodill laces up her skates for lessons if roller derby. see if she can make it on the track and why the local team she's training with is unique. >> we begin of course with the $1.5 billion jackpot. good evening. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> people braced long lines and frigid weather all day for a chance at all that cash. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco spoke with powerball hopefuls. she joins us live from cherry hill. diana? >> reporter: who isn't talking about this jackpot tonight. we've had very interesting conversations with people
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throughout the day. what they would do with a billion and a half dollars and for the most part they'd be very generous helping friends and family then go on a nice vacation. but for the first time in a day and a half, the registers here have grown quite as everyone waits to see if there's a big winner. registers have been running overtime and up until the last minute at this cherry hill 7eleven. >> we've been driving around picking out random places because today is a big day in history. >> don nan took the day off from work and estimates he spent nearly $400 at 35 different locations. >> we went to fill. we went to we're in cherry hill. maybe pell shade. >> i hope i win. >> many are flocking to lucky spots playing lucky numbers and dreaming about what could be. >> i hope i'm a winner tonight. pay off my house. take care of my grandchildren. my children. >> as of wednesday afternoon the pennsylvania lottery sold more than 155 million in powerball tickets since the historic jackpot run began in november.
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>> this is the wrong time to say yes to yourself or to anybody. >> managing director for the kearn peggy investment council says the first thing any winner should do a leave town, hire an advisory staff, pay off all obligations and pay a good bank. >> you would wire it into the custodian side of the bank. not the banking side. they hold assets for your benefit. >> reporter: with $900 million lump sum payout, chances are astronomical but a chance is still a chance. >> everyone has the same odds but somebody has got to win. >> reporter: everyone does have the same odds. many people talk about maybe not coming back to work the next day. if they're the big winner i have won ticket. my photographer dennis has three and he says if he's the big winner this is what's happening for him tomorrow. ukee and jess is a today i know you guys will be back and we're totally kidding because we love what we do here. >> yes, we do. >> fun little fact for you guys. >> all right. it's $2 million on saturday if
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there's no bigger life in cherry hill, let's go back to you. >> can you imagine that? good luck to you guys. let's check the tickets. >> here are the winning numbers. 04, 08, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. >> here you check. >> i don't want to lose my mine on live television. >> i got it. you read this. i'll do this. >> while jessica is busy checking those numbers let's get to meteorologist justin drabick on the sky deck with a look at some other numbers much the temperatures that are tumbling once again. jd. >> those aren't good numbers. promise me if you're winning your finishing this use cast because i don't want to come in and anchor. that would be brutal. >> the chair will be empty. >> the numbers i'm talking about they're not good. you'll lose money because heating bill going sky dry high. arctic air in our forecast tonight. it does lift out of here the next 24 hours. sitting at 26 at the area port. 21 in allentown.
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18 in millville. now the wind though is not as bad. so we don't have single digit wind chills like last night. 19 in quakertown. 20 in doylestown this hour. there's the winds less than 10 miles an hour in most locate. some areas are calm. great news. when heading out to early tomorrow morning. it does feel like 18 on exposed skin. 11 in allentown but like i said it's not as bad as it was last night. maybe a stray flurry or snow shower in the poconos. otherwise clouds rolling through tonight. here's what you wake up to tomorrow morning. temperatures the actual air temperatures will be in the lower 20s and again the winds calm that's how it's going to feel. then we'll be talking about highs running above average near 50 little rain for the week epp. those details coming up in a few more minutes. back to you. >> justin, thank you. the deep freeze hits a local business hard creating icy mess. >> chopper three over washington and cherry streets in conshohocken where a 6-inch water main rupture cree creating a huge geyser coated everything in ice including the offices of
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a local construction company. water flooded the roof like a tub and that led to all kinds of problems signed the office. >> it was so high it flew on -- flu water on this roof and over this roof on to the warehouse behind. so we had -- we have water damage in the warehouse, in the offices. i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> workers at the company did what they could to salvage and protect critical items like electronics and blueprints. repairs are now underway. hundreds of frustrated and angry patco passengers overflowed into the cold streets of haddonfield tonight. a tree in danger of falling on the track at the height of rush hour forced patco to suspend service between the haddonfield and woodcrest stations for about an hour. crews work to remove that tree cold passengers waited for shuttle buses. >> the train station is packed, jam pack. and they said shuttle buses but i didn't see one and i was on the train when it was first announced. >> at least nobody got hurt but
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it's still irritating to get home after long day. >> the promised bus doctors finally arrive. officials say they were stuck in traffic patco also released a statement apologizing to riders. classes are canceled for the rest of the week at a school where a boiler explosion writ klee injured a worker it happened at edmunds elementary in mt. airy. school officials say the 61-year-old vick testimony was working on the boiler when it exploded just afternoon today. the school was evacuated and parents were alerted to pick up their children. the fbi tonight says it is investigating the shooting of philadelphia police jesse hartnett as a case of terrorism. police say edward archer told them he was acting in the name of islam when he opened fire on hartnett in his cruiser last week. officials also say archer talked of allegiance to isis much authorities you now trying to figure out archer is part of a larger group. on sunday police say someone stopped officers patrolling the scene of hartnett's shooting telling them archer was part of a group of others who may pose a
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danger to police. >> we are investigating that as a terrorist attack. and trying to understand as we do in all these cases what were the motivations and often it's a tangled web we have to untangle, what are the motivations, who directed or inspired an individual if anyone and who else might have been involved? that's the work we do. that's the work we're doing right now in that case. >> sources say officer hartnett still has to undergo at least two more surgeries and his family says they are taking it day by day. students and faculty at bonner prendie high school in drexel hill or officer their support for officer hartnett having a prayer service twice a day since he was shot last week. he graduated from the school in 2001. stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest on the officer's condition. we'll have updates on air and on our website >> 10 navy sailors held captive in iran are free tonight. they released these photos of
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the 10 u.s. sailors, relaxing, smiling being detain overnight. they arrived this morning uninjured to u.s. military base in the gulf where they were debriefed. the nine men and one woman were on two small naval patrol boats when us officials say a mechanical break down caused the boats to drift into ear yann yann water. >> high school basketball coach caught on camera allegedly head busting a referee during game will have to pay a fine. jerry devine will be charged with summary offense of harassment. the incident happened at a game devine coached for neshaminy high school. the referee was not injured but the da says devine broke the rules and should be punished. >> for a coach to indulge himself really by stepping outside of the rules in that fashion is simply a be trail of the trust he has as coach. devine returned to his teaching position yesterday but remained on suspension from his
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head coaching job. new tonight at 11:00 making wishes come true in the delaware valley. the flyers are helping to fulfill the dreams of more than a dozen special children. our natasha brown has the heart warming story from the wells fargo sent. >> reporter: this isn't just any night at the flyers game. it's a night where dreams are coming true for some very special guests. >> we're going to be high fiving on ice. >> reporter: this is the high five crew part of a group of 14 kids with make a wish foundation they get to high five the players as they head out on to the ice. for eight-year-old gianna it's one night where her life-threatening illness doesn't take center stage. >> her condition is hypo plastic right heart. she was born with like half a heart. and they had to do three open heart surgeries. by the time she was two and a half. >> i say high five to players. >> how are you feeling about that. >> very excited.
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>> reporter: what are you going to do when you get out there? >> high five. >> practice. >> good job, sweetie. >> reporter: it's finally their time to shine. we have some kids sit on the bench and watch warmups. we had kids sit in the penalty box. we have kids sitting in the radio and tv booth. kids in special wish suites. >> we are here in one of three wish suites hosting make a wish children and their families. this is just one part of the vip experience they're getting here at the flyers game. despite who wins or loses the hockey game, the flyers are making sure the real winners on this night are some very special kids. >> words can't describe it. to see them inter acting doing this, to see them having fun doing things that normally they would never be able to do, it's phenomenal. >> natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". wonderful. >> still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" take look what our own vittoria woodill is up to. >> i'm doing roller derby.
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whoo! >> see much more of woodill's wild ride why the local team she's on the track with is so unique just ahead. plus an american city under a state of emergency because of toxic water. fine out where it's happening and why the national guard is out on the streets tonight. justin? >> we're still dealing with arctic blast tonight but less windy conditions return to the forecast and eventually some milder temperatures but we're also track some rain for the weekend. details coming up in the eyewitness wet forecast. and a new study shows a popular alternative to cigarettes could actual be much more dangerous. that story and more when i with news comes right back. ♪
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the al-jazeera america cable news work is shutting down 2.5 after its launch. it was the off base of qatar al-jazeera. it failed to build an audience and persuade cable companies to
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carry it much the name and branding of the network never lurched on with american viewers it will shut down april 30th. it launched in october of 2013. michigan national guard troops are in the city of flint to help aid residents dealing with a drinking water crisis. >> they joined state troopers and volunteers to help distribute bottled water filters and other splice. flint top water has been con tam 98ed with lead since the city changed its water source in 2013. michigan's governor apologized but many residents say an apology is not enough. >> can't drink it. you can bathe in it. it's ridiculous. >> justice department has lurched its own investigation into the water cries. some smokers looking for alternative have turned to hookahs. but a new study says they may be more dangerous than cigarettes. researcher at the university of pittsburgh of medicine found smoking a hookah exposes the smoker to mortar, nicotine and
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carbon monoxide than cigarette. hookah sessions don't equate to having a single cigarette. you would have to smoke about a pack a day to get the same negative exposure from one hookah session. >> she devils, hell bells and hooligans the names of philadelphia's roller derby team. >> all of them are made up of a group of hard working and hard hitting ladies. see what happens when our vittoria woodill meets stella threat and rest of her team on the track. >> three, two -- whistle blows. >> you guys are nuts. (laughter). >> you could call them crazy o or -- >> stella threats. >> all of whom make up the penn jersey roll lower derby this
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company he had squad a team of bumping browsers. they open their doors to make crew that runs rink. >> anyone, anybody that wants to play, anybody that wants to learn how to skate, anybody that wants to learn roller derby you're a part of our league. >> they are a league all their own they are the first roller derby league on the east coast to offer both banks, and flat track company he had role her derby act. i wanted to know how did roller derby begin. >> the first roller derby was a trance continental race basically and they would do it in circles. the game drew from there they started throwing blocks and it turned into more of a show. >> it's definitely a thrill show and one that gets real real down and dirty. >> what about when you smack your body on the floor? >> oh, doesn't hurt at all. you can only use your shoulders and your hips to block people. >> i'm sure. but before we start, let's explain the game.
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>> roller derby played two teams in one minute intervals called jams. each team designates a scoring player who would be the jammer and the other four members are blockers. you score by making rounds on the ring without getting killed. just kidding i mean blocked before the time runs out. definitely a game i felt more comfortable with playing in the back field. so on the red team they scored three points and the black team scored two. >> i know. okay. penn jersey roll her derby will be holding a national competition come spring which is pretty cool. and their season starts around that same time as well. starting any time you can stack op your pads, put on helmet and take lessons if you dare to take a crack at it. now, there was a place in the northeast called the palace. i used to sleigh the palace. it was a roller skating rink. >> okay. >> yeah. >> roller skating rink. >> roller skating.
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>> i'll end it there. >> it was definitely not that. >> your effort was very good. >> i survived. no bruises but you don't want to mess with them. they are hard core. but dynamite work out for the buns. i'll tell that you. >> we used to go down to the a arena frick and market. it was all that. an bag of chips. >> i'd love to maybe put a team together of us and jump out there. we could take them i think. >> vittoria, thanks. >> good luck with that. no. >> justin, my man. talking weather now. >> yeah. cold night tonight. >> very. >> it will get better if you don't like this the next few days tracking rain op our way for the weekend but overall the sky conditions nice today but that sunshine didn't help things much. let's show was happened today as we go to west philadelphia. this is the global leadership academy we'll go through time lapses today from this morning decent amount of sunshine a few clouds rolled in this afternoon the high temperatures stayed below freezing throughout all of the viewing area all the way from the shore up to the
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mountains and this certainly the coldest day of the wint season so far. but a little bit of a brief warmup coming at us. average high is 40 this time of year. today stuck in the upper 20s. tomorrow right near average close to 50 on friday. that will be the warmest day out of the next seven. then it just drops again early next week. sunday into thely day we'll be dealing with temperatures right back down into the lower 30s. here we are low and mid 20s for most locations. the exception interior south jersey the pinelands, millville 18 degrees this hour. 25 in dover. winds continue to lighten up that's great news. still mid teens scranton state college cold arctic air disturb bon it will lift out of here over the next 12 hours sustained winds through the overnight less than 10 miles an hour. if you don't like the wind you like this forecast tomorrow morning waking up no nasty wind chills like this morning throughout the day thursday and friday winds stay on the light side so somewhat comfortable conditions coming at us for the next 48 hours. little disturbance come through the great lakes steadier snow showers up across lake erie
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western pennsylvania maybe a flurry or two up into the poconos overnight. elsewhere just some clouds. out in the atlantic we're talking about a tropical system how about that for january? it doesn't happen too often. in fact this is the fourth january storm ever on record. subtropical storm alex will impact the i was surveillance islands probably win the next 24 hours winds right now sustain at 60 miles per hour. pretty impressive there. back home not as cold tomorrow. 40s for the hee temperature near 50 on friday. still dry. we'll bring some rain in here late friday night into the first half of saturday. we'll time it out for you. clouds rolling through the next 24 to 48 hours. clouds will thicken up during the day friday. that storm coming in. here we go just after midnight heavy rain moving in from the south and west early saturday morning by mid morning it lifts on out of here so looks like we salvage the second half of the saturday should be okay in the afternoon. so less windy overnight partly cloudy, 23 for the city. colder in the suburbs. right on target for average high for thursday. 40 degrees.
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partly sunny skies. here's that extended forecast. again 49 that will be the warmest day out of the next seven. the rain comes in here around midnight friday night out of here by 9:00 o'clock saturday morning. maybe a few peeks sun for saturday afternoon much gets cold sunday maybe a few flurries late in the day. martin luther king day cold 32 degrees. stays in the 30s for the first half of next week. >> we're ready. you warn us. we're ready. thank you buddy. appreciate it. >> don is here with look at what's next in sports. >> go to the ice much the flyers look to make it four in a row with a battle against the bruins and president obama captivated the nation for an hour last night. we'll try to captivate you for a minute and 45 seconds. the state of philadelphia sports coming up next. ♪
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it'll balloon the deficit. and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control, and build a better future for pennsylvania. he who hesitates is lost. multiple reports say that the
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giants have hired ben mca do as head coach of the the feeling the eagles had strong interest in him which forced giants to act now. he's one of six giles to interview with the birds. let's go to the ice. flyers looking to make it four in row as they take on the bruins down two-one in the thi third. simmonds shoots and he scores. the game is tied at two. just one minute and 12 seconds later it's the flyers again. this time it's mark straight. the flyers get a big-time win. they win three-two. they're now just two points behind the bruins in the wild card race. villanova head coach andy tally is calling it a career. after 31 seasons and one national championship, he's retiring after the 2016 season. assistant coach mark, will take over. marquette visiting villano villanova. and they had no shot. especially when you're throwing hoops. villanova wins 83-68. temple visiting memphis off the
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miss, markell crawford, with the jam, the owls lose a heartbreak consider by two. sixty-seven-65. lasalle also with a loss tonight but st. joe's winning at george mason. last night president obama delivered his final state of union address. he wants to build a big hearted and optimistic nation. yeah, well, cbs3 our sports department in particular we had the same goal. but for philadelphia sports. here's the one and only pat gallen. >> my fellow physical yanns 2016 will mark eight years with no sports championships in our fair city. currently the spectators of coaching search for the eagles, team had a that has gone without a title since 1960. we're stuck with the sixers team that has just four wins this season. we were miserable last summer dealing with a phillies team that has been stuck in immediate cross is the since 2011. flyers team that has gone stanley cup less since the mid
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70s. but fear not my fellow philadelphians because it appears just around the corner there will be change. the eagles are out to prove that the chip kelly era was but a minor blip on the radar. the sixers have some talented youngsters like okafor, noel and hopefully embiid along with a stockpile of draft picks that will aid future seasons. the phillies boast one of the best farm systems in baseball. flush with possible franchise changing players. and the flyers will be led into the future by a ghost and a bevy of young talent under the guidance of hextall and hex stole. even the union have made sweeping changes to hopefully become an mls contender. let's not forget about the temple owls football team. primed to become an elite program. plus, the always contending villanova men's basketball team who looked poise for a long turn knee run. that's why i stand here fairly
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confident that brighter times are ahead for the sports teams in our city and to tell you that the state of our sports union in time will be strong. thank you. i'm pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". (applause). >> well done. >> bravo. >> pat gallen, way to be, pat. >> that's right. >> we approve this message. (laughter). >> good way to kick off 2016.
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>> new night local organization is helping families stay warm this winter with free blankets. >> abc men gave away the blankets and pillows tonight. "eyewitness news" baptist church in southwest philadelphia and families we talk to very appreciative. especially on cold night like this. >> no doubt. >> we'll be right back. ♪'s
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here we go. california lottery officials say they have a powerball jackpot winning ticket sold in scene know hills. we're still waiting results from other states for any smaller amounts. chino hills california big money. for don, justin and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with steven colbert is neck.
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>> thanks for watching, family >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! thank you! thank you! wow! ooo! thank you very much, thank you. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you very much. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause )


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